Have you noticed that so many people call themselves healers? But what exactly does healing mean and how can it help you lead a happier life?  I use the buzz word healing quite often because it is what I do with Akashic Alchemy. However, there are a lot of other ways that you can do healing work as well. That includes traditional modes such as psychotherapy, counseling and all of those methods that have been around for a very long time.

Last weekend I was hanging out with people that I don’t see that often and they didn’t know what I do. It was very interesting because it gave me an opportunity to check in with the language I use. When you hang out with people who think like you it’s really easy to go into that speak ….. that lingo that your group is familiar with. Think about the terms that Dentists and Doctors use. As patients, we often don’t understand what they mean and we ask for an explanation. So being with my friends made me realize that many people do not understand what spriitual healing is. 

Think about a cut. When you cut yourself, you start you start bleeding and then a scab forms. Eventually, that scab falls off and you are usually left with a scar. The same thing happens with emotional wounds.  [feature_box style=”3″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” alignment=”center”]

A wound is something that is unresolved as a result of pain or trauma. That pain or trauma can be both physical and emotional. 


Let’s take a look at what spiritual people often mean by these wounds. This includes the residual trauma of everything from someone ate my cookie when I was a child in school, to divorce, to death of a loved. It also includes moving to another neighborhood, across the country or to another country and everything that falls in between. We are talking about the tiny stuff that makes an impact on you and the really big things that are obviously very significant in your life.

Healing is about resolving that pain, bringing new awareness and a new perspective to the trauma, so you can start to understand what is actually there for you. Let’s go back to the Universal Laws for a moment. [feature_box style=”3″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” alignment=”center”]

The Universal Law of Reflection says absolutely nothing happens to us that is not for our awareness or our healing.


If you want to remove an emotional scar, you must first allow yourself to get a new perspective on the situation.  Come into a new awareness of why this happened and how you can release it.

When you heal you redefine the issue and then reshape it. You release the lower frequencies that are no longer working for you such as anger, sadness, and frustration. Release all of those emotions and instead bring in some wisdom, perspective, understanding and compassion. There are a lot of different emotions that you can bring in. When you move out lower frequencies and move in higher frequencies you start to feel better. That’s the goal of healing and really the goal of everything we do in life: to feel good and be happy. 

In order to get a new viewpoint on healing, let’s look at another example of what we are talking about here. Let’s say in your present life, you and your sibling are constantly fighting over who is better at things. This can stem from a variety of circumstances big and small. It could be who throws a better free throw shot in basketball to who makes more money. Who has the better house, who drives the better car, who’s kids are more well behaved and get the better grades? It can be any number of things that put you constantly in competition with your sibling.

Let’s take the free throw shot example. This could have started over 30 years ago and was a small inconsequential incident. Picture your Dad coming home from work. He worked very hard, was not home that much and he did not pay a lot of attention to you when he was home because he was tired. He was very engrossed in making enough money to improve the family situation. One day he comes home and you and your sibling are out playing basketball. You say “Dad look at me, look at me!”. Instead, your Dad is paying attention to your sibling who throws the ball, makes a shot. He acknowledges it and says ‘Woo hoo, way to go!” You run to get the ball and say it again “Dad look at me, look at me!” but instead Dad has now gotten distracted with a text message or got called into the house. He is completely checked out and now all of a sudden you are left standing there, feeling quite upset because he is not paying attention to you at all.

This may seem like an inconsequential event but it is really important to your little six or seven-year-old self. Dad did not pay attention to what you were doing but he definitely paid attention to your sibling. You could be holding on to that!  You might be thinking what’s the big deal, so he didn’t watch me at my free throw but he watched me at my game two weeks earlier? However, something happens in our bodies when an event like this occurs and we immediately do something in our head.

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We give the situation some value and make up a rule.


The minute we do that we now hold onto it and judge every event based on that situation and that rule that is in our head.

When I look at this kind of thing energetically it appears like gray matter.  It has that smokey gray look to it.  How can you possibly see clearly through that?  

The answer is you really can’t. You are now looking at every event that happens with your siblings through a little bit of grey matter. Imagine how often you would be creating that grey matter if this kind of event happened over and over again. This can cause so much tension and frustration between you and your sibling. 

This cycle can happen in any situation. In the example I just gave you was about siblings, but this can happen at work, in a meeting, in a social setting, etc. In fact, we are constantly faced with circumstances where we are redefining our thought patterns. Things happen to us and we make new rules and assign new meaning to them. Even those of us in the healing profession that grasp how we create issues in our lives, are doing it too. Just this past weekend, when I was hanging with our friends I was having thoughts and creating new rules in my head about why I am not doing this or that? Why aren’t I talking about this? Why aren’t I presenting that? I am creating new stuff all the time. We all are constantly creating new rules, new perspectives, new thoughts, new ideas.

If we go back to the example of the little child not being noticed by Dad. There you are in your little body making up a rule as a result of that disappointing incident.  It could be Dad doesn’t love me, my brother sucks or any number of things. All of these are not really true. It’s just that Dad didn’t watch you because he got called into the house. Instead, this little aggravation has become an ongoing situation and something to heal.

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You can identify what needs to be healed in your life by starting to notice things that just don’t feel good. [/feature_box]

Those negative feelings mean something is there. When you have a rift with your coworker, neighbor or spouse that is just an indication that something needs to be resolved.  This is your opportunity to look at it, ask what it is and ask what do I need to do in order take care of it.

A lot of these things are a result of situations that have happened in this lifetime but what I have come to learn by doing the Akashic Records is that these things are also a result of experiences from previous lives. We live many lifetimes and there is definitely reincarnation. If you are a woman in this life, you could have been a man in your previous life. Your coworker in this lifetime could be your sibling today. It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female or what race you are. It doesn’t matter whether you live in North America, South America or any where else in the world. We are constantly reincarnating in different countries and even on other planets. 

For those of you that have some similar feelings to what I described with your siblings, I am willing to guarantee that its something that goes back to a previous lifetime. There was another time period where you were either siblings, where you could have been married to each other, where it could have been a parent/child relationship or even a coworker. It doesn’t matter exactly what the previous relationship was but what does matter is that this situation has happened before.

[feature_box style=”3″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” alignment=”center”]Anything that doesn’t feel good will show up over and over again and you don’t want to hold onto something that keeps you angry, frustrated and annoyed. [/feature_box]

There is always something for us to heal or resolve so that it is no longer a sticking point. When you do, you will suddenly find that you don’t have that tension that you are walking around with anymore. In the case of the sibling example, you won’t have nearly the need to compete. You can move the stuff out of your head that feels bad and bring in more of the stuff that feels good.

By learning to read the Akashic Records you can identify that gray matter, release it and heal.