We know ourselves as having a body and a mind and we call ourselves human. In reality, however, we are little tiny balls of light, souls, having an incarnation on the planet Earth.

When we remember that it’s easier to go through life.  It helps be more of who we are MEANT to be and less of we THINK we are here to be.

This thought is a little deep but if you let it settle for a moment, you may find yourself thinking that perhaps you are here for something more. One of the things I find the most interesting about reading the Akashic Records for other people is that the single most common question people ask, is ‘Why am I here? Am I fulfilling my purpose? Am I connecting with what I am here for?”

Everyone wants to know if they are making a difference. They want to know that they are accomplishing what they are here to do. You could see it as things you just feel you need to do, as a list, or as the desire that you just want to make a difference. It’s your own personal version of Martin Luther King. I have a dream. If only in my tiny world, I want to know that in some way I made a positive impact, that I shifted something that I left my mark here on this planet for however long I am here to live.

This actually comes from the idea that we ARE little balls of light. The truth is that we are souls that have come into a body. We pick our bodies and everything about our lives. We choose our family (usually those that we have the most karma with.) We decide who will be our friends, what we are going to do as far as work and all of the things we want to accomplish.

You could choose to experience any number of things: being a minority race, a minority sexual preference and to live in a certain place. Perhaps you chose to live in a place where it is a very small tight-knit community or a big city where you just blend into the fabric. We make ALL of those decisions. We actually chose our names, our birth dates and every little element of our lives.

To me, it’s a little mind-boggling as to how much we predetermine what our lives will be like but we do not do it by ourselves. When we are those little balls of light, we make decisions with our soul groups. We also keep track of ourselves on a very different level then how we do it when we are as humans.

The idea that we all came in here for a purpose is not a new one. It’s one that all of us are getting used to. We are starting to understand that it’s not necessarily our purpose to change the world or to make a worldwide difference. Instead, it might be that we came into this lifetime to heal what is outstanding for us. To heal what is no longer serving us

All of us decided to come here in this time period because we wanted to be a part of what is going on with the planet: specifically that it is going up in frequency. We are moving away from low frequencies such as pain, anger, fear, and unconsciousness and moving all of that stuff off the planet. We are doing that by moving energy, through alchemy and by becoming more aware of who we are. That is the piece that circles back to the fact that we are all souls and that we are here to do something really amazing in our lives.

About a month ago I popped on Facebook Live and read The Little Soul And The Sun which is a beautiful book by Neale Donald Walsch who wrote the Conversations With God series. I always suggest it to parents of young and older children too. In this book, the little soul is a little angel that is having a conversation with God about wanting to come here to be forgiven and to learn what forgiveness is. God says you can’t be forgiven because there is nothing to forgive. You have done nothing that needs to be forgiven so I don’t know how you can experience that.

They go back and forth in this conversation and finally, God says you can be forgiven only if you will find somebody who will allow you to do something that is so terrible to them that you will have to be forgiven. So he ends up finding another soul who is willing to incarnate with him on the planet, to do just that, so his soul can be forgiven.

It is an absolutely beautiful story and I am not going to give away the ending but the idea is that this is exactly what we do when we are in the non-physical. We are busy making a list of all the things we want to experience.

Some of us want to experience forgiveness or abandonment or being angry. Some of us even want to experience disease, death and violence and all of those ugly parts on the planet that we are trying to clean up. Beforehand, we are actually on the other side having a conversation with our council of souls saying this is what I want to experience.

When we are in the non-physical as just our souls we are very clear that abandonment doesn’t exist. But when we incarnate into a physical body and we have abandonment on our list we are most definitely going to go and find that.

In our true state, we are 100% supported and we are always in a place where we have everything that we need.  It’s important to understand that this is actually an agreement. Therefore, if you have the idea that you want to experience abandonment in this lifetime you previously set that up before you are ever incarnated in this lifetime with whoever it is that will abandon you. If you are abandoned by a parent or by a spouse or any other version of abandonment that you can think of…. it has happened to you because you agreed to it prior to coming into this life. Why? Because your soul said “I want to experience that. I want to know what that is.”

We all have a list of everything we want to accomplish and you come into this lifetime with it already set up.  It’s similar to a To Do list. Okay, this one is done. Let me check it off and move onto the next one. None of it is something that you did by mistake.

In this lifetime, the man who fathered me is not the man that raised me. My father popped in and out of my life until I was 6, but it was my dad who raised me, taught me right from wrong, and walked me down the aisle when I married.  I could have seen myself as abandoned by my father, or seen my mother has having made a huge mistake that totally messed up my life. I could have chosen lots of scenarios.

I recognized I had a choice. I could carry that burden around in my body like a big energetic rock or I could just blow it to pieces. If you are going to be carrying something really heavy around for your entire life it will exhaust you. It will make you feel like life is so hard and perhaps that you cannot manage.

But here is the important part. You DON’T HAVE to carry that. You DON’T have to continue to hold onto that. You are here to see what you can do to heal, to resolve, to blow up, to dissolve whatever that is and to come into the awareness that you wanted that experience because there was something for you to learn.

I often ask for the teaching. I say “Give me the teaching. Why in the world would I set something like this up? Why would I have a situation in my life that is creating pain for me? There must be a reason for it. Please give me that information.”

Every time we make a request, it is absolutely granted. You just need to be able to listen, to recognize the signs and to trust that it is actually happening.

You can look at it from the side of what did I plan for or you can look backward at your life and start to make sense of some of the things that you have done.

In college, I decided to be a speech communication major. When I told my parents they said: “What are you going to do with that?” At the time I didn’t know but it felt like it was the thing I was supposed to do. I didn’t see the logic and I didn’t understand why my soul chose to be a speech communication major but it makes total sense given what I am doing with my life now.

The same is true of everything else that is happening in your life. If you look back you may be able to see patterns of things that you repeated over and over again. Maybe you were the person who dated several people who were just a creep, a cheater or an addict. Maybe you were someone who just always attracted those people. What would be the reason behind that? Why in the world would you be with someone who is constantly putting that negativity in front of you?

So many of us think to ourselves “I must have been screwed up. I am a loser. I can’t think of any reason why I would do that.” Or we listen to what other people say to us. When you look at it from the physical point of view, it might very well be true. You may have dated someone who is a creep, who did not treat you as well as you thought you should be treated, did something that was very disrespectful or any other number of words you may want to use. Does that make you wrong? Does that make you a loser? Absolutely not!!!

Remember your soul set that up. Your soul said you were going to have a series of experiences where you dated people that were creeps, cheats or addicts. Each one of those people needed some kind of healing work and perhaps your soul was busy working with them as you were dating them. Maybe you were the person who shifted their thinking.

I do know a lot of people who have said “Oh my gosh. While so and so dated me they said they didn’t want a commitment and then as soon as they got out of the relationship with me they went and got married.” Well, that could have very well been your superpower. You may have been busy healing fear of commitment for them.

You could have also been busy clearing karma with them. Maybe you were the person who was the creep, the cheat or the addict in a previous life and in this lifetime you got to clear that karma with them. What an awesome thing that is to heal that, to clear that karma, to check that off the list!!!

The more we’re like WOO HOO I got this one handled, I got this one done. The more you can move onto something else.

Back to the book, The Little Soul And The Sun. We all choose what we are coming into a lifetime for and on the opposite side of that, there is a person who also agrees to be whatever we need in this lifetime. We need to remind them that they are a beautiful soul of light even when they do something so horrific to us.

Often as I move through my day I have to remind myself that the person who cuts me off in traffic or the person who says something stupid on the TV set or the person who does something so horrible that everyone is buzzing about it, is also one of those souls. They are also one of those beautiful beings of light that is here having that experience for a reason. That person who is deep dark in ugliness is just like me. It could be that they are here having that experience by agreement for me.

Can you forgive someone who did something awful to you? Can you truly forgive them or are you just able to speak it? Just saying it without really believing it in your heart, leaves a layer of resistance and resentment underneath. That’s like throwing away the top piece of paper of a stack only to reveal all of the other pieces underneath. Instead, you can say “I am going to stop resenting you for how you showed up for me.” You can make a conscious choice to throw away all those layers that make up the whole stack.

You can also look at that resentment and see where else it is showing up in your life. If you see it in several other relationships take note and heal it. You can do that by simply asking “What is this resentment all about? Why am I so resentful?” Once you understand what it is all about you can start to move it out of your space and end the recurring pattern once and for all. You can say “I am holding resentment like it is something to see and take care of. Let me get rid of that. Let me heal that.”

So how is this related to our purpose? This right here could be our purpose because every single one of you on my phone calls, who listens to my videos, who has a conversation with me, who schedules a private healing session with me, who comes to my book club and who does anything with me at all, you are the ones who are the next layer.

You know how modeling works: You do it and the next person does it and so on. Then before you know it, together we have initiated a change on the planet. It really isn’t that difficult. It is just us seeing for ourselves what was there and then being the light. Just by being the example you are a key part of the process in helping other people understand it as well.

I’ll tell you a quick story. I have been having a conversation with myself in my head. It’s about my 23-year-old son who is getting ready to move home for a short period of time. I am thinking what is he going to do? How can I help him? What do I need to do to help him figure it out? Then suddenly it dawned on me that there is nothing for me to do. His soul knows what he is doing. He is absolutely doing exactly what he is supposed to do.

Everything that my son does, that you do, that anyone who ever watches this video does is exactly what you are supposed to be doing next. This is the case even when you are at a point where you don’t know which way is up. Maybe the reason is because you need to resolve something, move out whatever is left and heal.

It is really important for us to know whatever we are doing, if we are moving back home with our parents, if we are going into bankruptcy, if we are struggling in our relationships, getting ready to go for a divorce, feeling abandoned or anything else ….. that it is exactly the way it is supposed to be. When we recognize that and move whatever it is out of our existence we can then move on to whatever we are supposed to be doing next.

Like right now, I am going to just sit on the sofa and veg out for a half hour of TV. And, there’s no guilt in that. I am just going to go with it and let that be the next thing ….. because I know that its what I am supposed to be doing next. What are you going to be doing next? Whatever it is, it’s exactly what you should be doing.