wormhole2Earlier this week, Lily and I were on the Enlightened Humanity Circle call about how to be grateful for the chaos in our lives.  During the call, Lily’s guides instructed her to open up a wormhole and connect to the wisdom being received for everyone on the call. Of course, Lily did as they asked even though she admitted it felt a little weird. I thought you might be interested in the information so I snagged it from The Enlightened Humanity Circle website for you.  Here is Lily’s article:

Wormholes, considered to be “a shortcut through the universe,” were rediscovered by Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen in the 1930’s and they supposedly connect black holes. They are sometimes referred to as Einstein-Rosen bridges. There are lots of very scientific explanations about wormholes and all you have to do is “Google it” and you’ll get a load of information. And a headache to boot! Here’s one article that I found to be useful: http://www.space.com/20881-wormholes.html

An Einstein-Rosen bridge is a phenomenon of the quantum field and is predicted by the general theory of relativity, both subjects that I know very little about from the perspective of my logical intellect and left brain hemisphere. However, if I focus in my right brain I get all kinds of understanding and resonance associated with this tunnel-like energetic field that allows me to connect with someone remotely for healing or even for telepathy.

So although science has never actually seen a wormhole, and we humans cannot yet travel through them, it is not so crazy to think that our thoughts as well as healing energy can travel through them. I learned how to use wormholes in a remote healing class that I took many years ago. Most of the time I do not think of the wormhole. I just assume that the reason I can witness a remote healing is because the healing energy is moving through some kind of shortcut in the universe and that’s how it reaches my client.

My understanding of a wormhole is that they are some kind of 4th-dimensional conduit that allows for the collapsing of time and/or space. So while wormholes are very tiny and we have not figured out how to make them big enough to travel through them, I am certain that our thoughts and healing energies can indeed travel through them! Wormholes might also explain how we can access information or “see” images from “past lives” within the Akashic Records!

Here’s a short Steven Hawking video on wormholes you might enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLUzJeto0Wo

Amazing stuff! Make sure to join us on our call next week. Who knows what the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones will open our eyes to!!

Love and Light,
8th Chakra Co.