I didn’t know much about the Akashic Records when I had my first reading.  Perhaps you are like that now.  A dear friend had gifted me a 30-minute reading and I was eager to find out how I would use my health coach certification.  Basically, I wanted to know my purpose in life.  I was a recent empty nester and I was ready to create my next “phase of life.”

Who knows what I expected with that reading?  I remember being a little nervous about how it was going to unfold.  Turns out there was no need to be nervous because it was just a conversation between the two of us but the answers were completely unexpected.  It was during that reading that my Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones told me to start reading the Akashic Records!  I was going to use my coaching practice to read the Records for myself and others, and help people discover and implement their purpose in this life. Wow!

Within a short period of time, I was doing just that.  As an Akashic Records healing practitioner and certified teacher, I enjoy seeing the spiritual wisdom that shows up in my everyday life and bringing that into my practice and teachings.  Using the Records, I see old patterns, resentments, fears and resistance for the story they are, and I translate these issues into common, relatable analogies.

While I thoroughly enjoy my growing connection to Source, I am always aware that this connection is available to all who ask.  I am crystal clear that I am here to teach people about this ancient healing practice, and guide them through the process of dissolving their old paradigm and ways of viewing the world.

Do you have stress at your job?  Would you like more understanding in one or two of your relationships? Are you frustrated with an aspect of your health?  Would you like to be more tuned in to your body and your sensations?

All of these are great starting points for work in the Akashic Records whether I do the reading, or I teach you how to do it for yourself.  Either way, the idea is to shift the energy and create a happy, healthy life that allows you to tap into your inner wisdom.

Are you ready to start feeling better than you ever thought possible? Schedule an appointment with me today!