handholdingPlease be clear. What is happening on the planet, in our country, is not the fault or work of anyone one person or group of people. What is happening in our world it’s divinely timed and happening exactly as it is meant to. It is not because Donald Trump is president, or because we have allowed certain statues to remain standing. It is bigger than that.

It is happening because we are making the transition from being unconscious to conscious. We (humanity) are becoming aware of who we are. Just like adolescence, when we become more aware of ourselves and what we believe in separate from our parents and the rest of our world, we as a humanity are going through the growing pains and the questioning of who we are and what we stand for.

As in adolescence, it is often difficult to navigate our thoughts, emotions and feelings. New awareness can shock us, throw us into a tantrum, cause us to act out, or break down in tears. We spend time wondering who we are, what we stand for, who are friends are, and why the heck we are going through this process.

The truth is we are growing, shifting, changing into a more aware, conscious person/people/humanity. It’s all good. The world isn’t going to end, and we aren’t going to hell in a hand basket as my Grandma used to say. As we trust ourselves more, love who we are becoming, believe that we are all doing the best we can in every moment, we will come through this challenging time.

We got through adolescence and we will get through this. Trust in the Divine. Love, love, love.