vibrationEverything in the Universe has a vibration, and the smallest bit of matter is energy.  The Law of Vibration and Energy states that anything that exists in the Universe, whether seen or unseen, is in its simplest form pure energy.  This energy is constantly moving and exists as a vibration or frequency. All matter, thoughts and feelings have their own vibrational frequency.

An apple vibrates at a different frequency than a doughnut.  More specifically, the apple vibrates at a higher frequency than the doughnut.  An organic apple vibrates at a higher frequency than a conventional apple.  This is true of all organic food. Isn’t it interesting that healthier foods vibrate at a higher frequency?

There are no coincidences. Higher vibrations are healthier for the body.  Lower and denser frequencies create more dis-ease and dis-comfort.

This is important for us to recognize.  Pain, inflammation, illness of all kinds from colds to the wicked flu that has been going around are related to lower frequencies. They fall on the lower end of the vibration scale of health and wellness. You experience these symptoms and issues because somewhere in your body you have lower vibrations that need to be shifted.

The opposite is true, too.  When you are feeling good, moving without aches and pains, are happy and joyful, you are existing at the higher end of the vibration scale.

Where you fall on the scale varies on a daily basis—sometimes by the hour or even the minute.  There are times when you are feeling dark, moody, frightened or worried. At these times, you are noticing the places in you that are vibrating at a lower frequency.  You may have physical ailments like a headache, body pain, or a stomach issue. Those are signs of you vibrating lower than your body prefers.

When you are satisfied, content, being silly or having fun, you won’t notice those same ailments because you are vibrating higher. Notice that you haven’t changed your frequency, only your awareness.

Realizing that it is only your awareness that has changed means that you can shift your mood at any time simply by choosing a thought that is a little higher in frequency than what you are currently noticing.  If I’m disappointed about not going out on Friday night, I can improve my mood with another thought:  I’ll go out next Friday night instead.  I can stay home and catch up a book I wanted to finish.  Any positive thought will work.  Several positive thoughts in a row and you’ll find yourself leaping up the vibrational scale.

Yes, the opposite is true as well.  If you’re looking to lower your vibration, a more negative thought will get you there.  Worry, fret, concern, and anger will move you quickly down the scale. I’m not sure why anyone wants to think more negatively but it is available to you.

If you are looking to raise your vibration, find different ways that work for you.  Music, books, and people that make you happy are a start.  Eat healthier by choosing foods that are organic, good for your body and will energize you.  Do work that is satisfying and take on a new hobby.  Add more movement to your life with activities that naturally raise your vibration like exercise, yoga, tai chi, nature hikes, or a water sport.

Your task for the week is to find something that makes you feel great, and do more of it.  If you find one thing, find another.

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