This is an interesting conversation and I’m the first one to admit I don’t have the perfect answer.

The Universal Law of Resistance says that what you resist continues to appear in your experience until you learn to release what created the resistance in the first place.

I think we can all agree that when applied to an individual life the Law makes sense. If I resist moving forward after my children move away from home, I’m going to find more and more opportunities for me to look at my resistance. I might feel under attack from friends and family to move on, I may develop knee or hip problems, or my relationship with my children may feel the strain. There are plenty of ways for the experience to show up, and it’s all designed for my to examine my feelings, and process them to move forward.

The interesting conversation starts when I say that the Universal Law of Resistance applies to groups, organizations, companies and countries, too. What we resist continues to appear in our group experience until enough of us learn to release what created the resistance in the first place. There is a heap of resistance going on in America today.

This morning I woke up to see pictures of a thousand people marching on Mar-A-Lago holding signs saying “RESIST.” I get it. The thought is that we must resist the policies and behaviors of this administration. The idea makes sense in an old-fashioned way. Fight the establishment, refuse to go-along, stand strong.

The challenge is that we are no longer living in that era. In the Aquarian Age, the Law of Resistance is in full effect. Check out the cartoon above. The guy who is resisting is “pushing” back with as much force on the guy who is pushing him. No one is winning in that disagreement.

No one is winning on the national level either, and as long as we continue to see this as a war, no one will.

And so my dilemma is what to suggest people do to fight back. What word do you put on your sign that works best for the Universe?

I don’t know. I only know that every time you give energy to a thought, you are calling that into your experience. When you put positive thoughts together, you create a happy experience and you welcome it into your experience. When you put negative or undesirable thoughts together, you create an unhappy experience, and the natural response is to push it away, ignore it, or bury it in your subconscious. Pushing it away or refusing to acknowledge it, creates resistance.

The best way to release the resistance is to stop pushing back, and to do the personal work. Ask what there is to see from the other side. Not that you are going to cross over to that side but that you can acknowledge there are other points of view other than your own. You discover what is triggering you to be angry, and you do the work to release that anger. As each of us takes care of our own stuff, we begin to see changes around us.

I get it now. We are all here for different reasons. Some of us want to learn another way of handling the situation. Others of us want to fight back. Still others aren’t sure how to respond. We are all having an experience.

Enjoy yours. Whatever it might be.