It’s natural to believe that we are all separate from each other and from Source/Creator/God and nothing is further from the truth. It is the biggest lie told on the planet. It was perpetuated during a time when we struggled to understand things that we couldn’t see. Diseases, natural phenomenon like thunder and lightening, and of course, God. These concepts were beyond our understanding just like death.

Here’s how my guides explain it.

You have seen yourself as separate from your gifts, your calling, from others on the planet, and even separate from yourself.  Most importantly from yourself.

Let’s use the simple example of death. When someone dies they are separated from their body. That body, which you see as decomposed is actually recycled back to the Universe. Nothing is ever wasted here. Bones remain as a physical reminder and a clue as needed to remember what was.

For you who have opened their channels of clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance, you see, hear and know that the person or being who died has changed form and is still very much around and available.  For you who haven’t accessed those channels, regardless of the reason, you feel disconnected, removed, and saddened by the death.

You have forgotten how to go inside to your heart believing it’s painful to remember, or fearing what you may feel.  It’s OK.  The pain and fear have eased.  Sit with the photos, thoughts, songs and whatever stimulates your knowing. You may call it remembering.  As you tickle your knowing, you move into your higher awareness and you feel your loved one’s presence. You allow the sense the change to recall their cologne, cadence, touch, laugh. As you continue to sit with the memories, the so-called veil that separates falls away and you are connected.

This is a beautiful way to practice accessing your gifts. At the same time you are healing. You are discovering that separation does not exist except where you allow it.

Let’s take a moment to talk about your gifts. All of you have them. Every last one of you have them without exception. These gifts – the ability to see, hear, feel and work with energy – have been misunderstood, cursed and reviled in the past. That time is over just as separation is finished. We want you to know and remember this. Any other thought is just misinformation at the highest level.

We are not separate from you either. We are here – in an energetic form – available and willing to chat, help, support and love you. Take a few minutes every day to sit with us.  You can journal as Bonnie does, but there are many others ways – meditate, chant, use Tarot, reflect, remember. There is no wrong way to be in relationship with us. Try it.  Together let’s eliminate the belief about separation.


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