what-is-a-group-of-monkeys-called_3c76d414-993e-4d5b-82f1-2ad569d0fbcfThere is a story of Japanese monkeys which had been observed in the wild for more than 30 years.  Scientists were gathering information about their social habits in hopes of being able to apply this information to humans.

The monkeys lived on several islands, and were fed sweet potatoes on a regular basis.  The monkeys liked the sweet potatoes but they were always tossed into the same pile of sand. One of the young monkeys appeared to be bothered by the dirt on the potatoes, and discovered that she could wash the potatoes in a nearby stream and the potatoes tasted better.

As she continued washing the potatoes, her mother and her playmates picked up the habit.  Within 4 years, all of the young monkeys learned to wash their sweet potatoes in the stream. The only adults that picked up on this social improvement were the ones who imitated their children.

Then something startling took place.  Young monkeys on neighboring islands started washing their potatoes in the water, too!  And not one by one, but in numbers too great to explain simply.   Note that not one of the monkeys on the first island swam across the water to spread the message.  Monkeys hate the water.  How did the neighboring island monkeys pick up the habit?

The answer lies in the expansion of the Collective Consciousness.  When just a few individuals know of a new idea or new way of life, it remains the conscious property of those few individuals, but there is a critical mass known as the “100th Monkey” the awareness becomes part of the Collective Consciousness and is communicated from mind to mind.  The awareness moves through the quantum field.

This field applies to us, as well, and we would do well to remember it.

Particularly in these crazy times we are living in.  We do not need thousands of people to think differently, to march on Washington, or to write to Congress.

We need 100 people to start to think differently, act differently, and show others how to do the same.  Consistently. If we are tired of eating the metaphorical dirty sweet potato, we only have to change our habits so that others do the same.  We can’t get bored, or doubt that it’s working, or wonder what everyone else is doing.  The Universe is waiting for us.

What do you want to do?