29-Love-girly-tattoosI got a tattoo last week.  That isn’t my wrist.  I had microblading done – small hairstroke tattoos on my eyebrows to fill them in and hide the gray.

Yesterday I noticed that I was feeling tight across the shoulders and neck. “What the heck?” I thought to myself.  I thought I had taken care of that tightness.

Apparently not, and so I decided to do some healing work in the Akashic Records.

After opening my Records it didn’t take long to find a control program in my chest that was rooted in a belief about tattoos.  Now I’m not talking about on a physical level.  This is an energetic control program that says something like people who get tattoos are less than people who don’t.

Here’s what my guides gave me about how control programs work, and how to eliminate them.

Control programs are belief systems that are designed to separate and divide us along behaviors, looks, and so much more.  In outdated languaging, they were called social norms, customs, thoughts. They were designed to keep the population from their consciousness, the understanding that each one of you is divinity in form.  Simply repeat something long enough and often enough and people will assume it was true.

In the days before radio and television, controlling people’s thoughts was a slower and more tedious process.  It took a long time to turn people – white people – against the Indians.  You probably view it as a simple process because you have many years of reading about it in history books, romance novels and TV shows.

In truth, it was one hundred years or more for that one thought to become pervasive.  Many people had stories of kind, helpful Indians to counter the stories of dangerous savages.  Distance worked against the spread of beliefs.  It took a long time to pass news across the prairie.

And then came radio.  Radio programming was a fantastic way to insert control programs into “the hearts and minds” of people everywhere.

“It’s important to know what’s going on.”
“Stay informed.”

The need to keep up with the news triggered those people who had fears around not knowing what was happening next, those who had been surprised with bad news, and people who had fears of being excluded, or on the outside. These people gravitated towards the information being spewed, and were quick to repeat it.  A single radio show reached a much larger audience, and spread belief systems faster about all there was out there to be afraid of.

The most common message was that people who are different are dangerous. It didn’t matter what that difference was – dress, language, skin color, culture – and yes, people with tattoos.

Television programming worked the same way but better and faster.  Not only did you hear the message, but you saw more clearly who was in, and who was different. Consider some of the shows you watched as a child.  How many “different” people did you see?  Fonzie? The Cosbys? The martian in the Flintstones?

Does that mean ditch your TV, cell phone, internet and radio, and go live in the woods?  I asked and they continued.

Of course not.

It means be more diligent and conscious.  Everyone has control programs running in the background.  We have layers of programming covering almost every subject under the sun.  Some you inherited, some you took on at birth and throughout this life, and even more has been with you for lifetimes.

Control programs are insidious – found everywhere and responsible for creating havoc of some sort.  Their purpose is to separate and divide you, and that is contrary to your original programming – we are all one (The Universal Law of One).

The truth is regardless of color, accent, religion or any other category, we are all Divine beings having a human experience.  Once this human experience is over, you will return to being Divine light beings.

So what are we supposed to do about these control programs?  My guides continued.

Ask questions about how you feel, and why you feel.  Questions allow truth to come to the surface.  Know that control programs exist.  Recognize the programming when you can, and clear them out with your intention. Remember that you have layers upon layers of programming, and one round of noticing them will not be enough.

A secondary effect of doing this work will be the program that there must be something wrong with you, or that you are not enough.  Know that you are always perfect and Divine, and keep working.  Enlist the help of friends, family and those healers around you.

Know that as people continue to become more conscious – paying attention to the social, political, religious issues – you are clearing these old programs, and creating a beautiful world.  It is work.  It is worthwhile.  Keep going.  We are with you.  All of you. We love you.