Who doesn’t want to know for sure what they are supposed to be doing next?  If you are like most people, knowing your path would put you at great ease. One thing that can help is to access your Akashic Records, which are a vibrational recording of everything that has ever been said, done or thought.  You know how you type a question into google and then you get an answer in return?  That’s how the Akashic Records work but instead of tapping into a database of information stored on a server located somewhere on the planet, it taps into an energetic database made up of our own wisdom. If that sounds a little out there, think about this. Up until recent modern times, getting information from a machine (a.k.a.your computer) would have seemed out there too. I don’t know about you but I don’t particularly care where or how that whole process works. I just want the answer.

This week I had a really wicked headache and I wasn’t sure where it was coming from and what the issue was. There were plenty of people who had an opinion about what I should do. Someone said to me “Oh you need to go to the hospital.”  Another person said I should “take ibuprofen or some painkiller” and yet another person offered me some of their prescription medicine. I didn’t know if I should do a, b, or c. This happens for all of us all the time. It can be anything big or small. Whether it’s looking to know what your purpose is in life, which job to choose or even if you should go to the mall. Am I supposed to go out on this date? Is this guy really safe to be with?  All of those kinds of questions end up swirling around in our head. And if you are like me it can actually keep you from sleeping, from performing well at work or even just feeling your best.

When you connect to your soul, you will know what it wants to do and you will have an easier time making decisions. In fact, it’s almost as if our soul is saying to us“ Hello. I’m trying to give you answers here. If you would just listen, I would be happy to move you farther along on this path.”  I use the Akashic Records to connect but there are so many other ways including yoga, Tarot, and journaling. 

Whatever it is that resonates with you, make time for yourself and start connecting more with your own information. It’s all about that small voice in your head, which by the way, with practice can get pretty loud. It’s that knowing, when you confidently say to yourself, I really need to do this. I really need to call this person. I really need to do this activity next. Some people call it divine wisdom but you can call it whatever you want. I often think of it as my essence. Your essence connects you to information that is your own and when you get an answer it’s actually coming from you. No one else is telling you what to do.  And know that your essence loves you and always has your best interests at heart!