Have you ever heard of the 8th chakra?  If you haven’t, you aren’t alone.  Most people haven’t.

Most people have heard of the energy systems called chakras, and know of their first through their seventh. The first starts at the base of your spine, the second behind your belly button, the third below your ribs, the fourth behind your heart, the fifth at your throat, the sixth just above your eyebrows, and the seventh is at the top of your head.

Your eighth chakra exists 18 inches above your head, and is considered the gateway to the spiritual ninth through twelfth chakras, and the connection to God/Source/Creator.  It holds the last residue of your human experience, houses the Akashic Records, and it’s the name of my company, the 8th Chakra Company, that I formed last year with my friend, Lily Winsaft.

It’s this last one I want to let you know about now.  Lily and I founded the 8th Chakra Company to host the Enlightened Ladies Circle last year as a virtual conversation women could have around spirituality.  We talked about the chakras, owning your romance and sexuality, thriving in the material world, and embracing physical health, Within two months, men were writing to us and asking when their circle was forming.  After a little thought, we created The Enlightened Humanity Project™ and it’s taking off.

The reason it is so successful is simply timing.  The world needs an interactive and empowering virtual conversation designed to guide and awaken us to our most authentic self. That’s our real purpose on the planet, and Lily and I are excited to play a part in it.

The way we awaken to our most authentic self is by connecting to our eighth chakra.  The easiest way to do that is to tune into our next conversation this Tuesday, February 14th at 7:30pm est.

Join Lily and me as we explore the idea of “Who’s the Parent? Who’s the Teacher?”  We will be discussing how we can distinguish the teaching significance of every single relationship in our lives, and we are going to start with our relationships with the younger generation.

I don’t know about you but I find I can learn just as much from my children – who are almost 25 and 22 – as I can from any spiritual leader anywhere.  Their timely insight and wisdom is just as valuable, and usually tossed out in a casual, matter-of-fact sort of way.  I’m fascinated by this, and I’m sure there will be some lively interaction on Tuesday night with some of these younger folks.

In addition, feel deeply inspired with us as we channel wisdom from the Akashic Realm about the loving nature of all relationships, especially those that challenge us the most.

We promise amazing.

Click on the link to get registered today!