Today’s topic is about pain and as funny as it sounds, I am excited about it!!!  Why? Because we are going to find a way to be happy about something so uncomfortable.  So let’s uncover what there is to learn from pain and how we can feel better? ?

I have noticed over the fast few days that I started getting a really wicked headache that just hung on. It doesn’t seem to have any origin that I can make sense of and there was really no reason for it.  It kept moving around, was painful and sometimes made me want to go to sleep. Overall, it was just a continuous feeling.

Being that I practice alchemy, I consciously make the effort to become more aware of what might be there for me and then implement my practice of moving things out of my space. So …. I asked myself some questions: Am I annoyed with something or someone? Have I been watching too much TV? Is it that I was out in the sun and my eyes are dry? I was asking all of the things that one would typically come up with in this situation.

The truth is that it is not a fact that it’s one or the other. In my case, it could be that my eyes are dry and that I am clearing some stuff out of my own awareness. There exist some things that are making my eyes dry from an energy standpoint.

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Underneath the physical things happening in the world, there is an energetic layer happening too. There is also an emotional piece. They are all layered on top of one another.


This morning I was getting ready and I was thinking about the statement ‘Pain in a terrible teacher’.  I thought to myself WOW  “It’s really hard for me to resonate with that.” I actually said it out loud and my husband turned around and responded: “Yeah it is.” So I said, “No it’s a lousy teacher. We don’t want to learn from pain anymore.”

He then reminded me of all the times I said to the kids when they were little, some version of “If they burn themselves then they will learn”. (This was when they kept wanting to put their hands on the stove.) There is no doubt that I said that. I wondered about the origin so I started to ponder my own childhood and dug into my own memories of when I too was a kid. I realized that my parents made a lot of comments about pain being a great way of learning.

I recalled the time when I kept trying to put keys into an electrical socket. I managed to stick the key in just enough to get a little shock and my Dad said to me “There, maybe now you will remember not to do that ever again.” This is a quintessential example of pain being a teacher. The concept that once you experience some sort of pain, you’ve learned a lesson and now you can move on.

There was probably several times that I said to my kids and I know that my parents said to me, something that reinforced that pain is a great teacher. I told you not to run. I told you not to pull away from me. I told you not to climb that tree. All of those kinds of statements are examples.  Think about your own life and ways that perhaps your parents or aunts or uncles or teachers did the same thing. In saying this to you, they indoctrinated you into this belief that pain is a great teacher. That there is a punishment involved when we don’t listen. That we need to be afraid of hurting.

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The truth of the matter is that pain is a lousy teacher because it is a really low frequency.


How do you we change our thinking so that we don’t experience as much sickness and pain? Going back to my personal example of the belief that I took on as a child that if it hurts I will learn. What I want to do is simply move out those pictures. For me, I see those pictures as a deck of cards. I want to take out as many of those cards that have a picture on it that says pain is good. All of those messages you get in society: we must learn from pain, if it’s not painful it’s not worthwhile, NO pain NO gain. We want to take ALL those pictures out.

As an Akashic Alchemist, I also change these pictures and replace them with healthy ones. However, you CAN get rid of them of your own. In your mind put a flame underneath them or simply throw them away. Do whatever it is that works for you to say that they are no longer going to move you.

Here’s a great example: My business partner, Lily walks the beach every morning. Just last week, as she walked down the beach, she was chanting “I am no longer learning from pain. Pain is a miserable teacher. Pain is not my teacher.” Then on the way back, she said: “I learn with grace and ease,  We don’t have to be miserable in order to move through life.”  You can try doing this kind of thing for yourself too.

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Words have a frequency and there are messages around them.


Know that how we speak to ourselves and the things that we say affects us. ??When we speak in low frequencies (anger, worry, frustration, and pain) we inevitably end up feeling MORE of that. Conversely, when we speak higher frequencies (love, compassion, understanding, and wisdom) we get MORE of that.  Which do you want more of?

When people talk in angry tones and in painful ways to one another it brings a lot of bad energy with it. If we leave our anger alone, eventually we run out of steam and move into a calm space. But the notion that we must get angry with someone or blow our top in order to resolve our issues does not serve us. When you direct angry words towards someone else it’s a self-centered way of trying to handle your issue. Because you are not only throwing negative words at the other person, you are throwing low frequencies at them too.

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“If people don’t transform their pain they transmit it.”     –Richard Rohr 


I now see words as energy and I can see the effect that they have when they land on someone.  It’s really important to see the pain that we can create with our words. We should also learn to see the pain that we get when we absorb the things that have been done to us. These connections are something that we want to become more aware of.

Work on becoming more conscious of the pain that you give and receive. Know that you do not have to be in that place. Be okay with letting go!

We can and should shift our thinking from this old school of thought that pain is a good teacher to learning from high frequencies such as love and compassion. This will help us in individual situations but also in dealing with the what is happening on the planet right now.