How we access our own information or divine wisdom varies from person to person. When I was younger I always had this sense of the small voice in my head. That helped me to make choices like whether or not I should go out on a particular date. However, at the time I wasn’t making huge decisions. In later stages of my life, I wanted more access to my own wisdom and it was then that I started connecting to my own information through the Akashic Records.

Reading the Akashic Records gave me a very clear framework. First, you say a prayer to open the records, then you are in the records, then you close them. The very specific timeframe in which I was asking questions and getting answers, allowed me to really know that the answers I was getting, during that process, were the Truth with a capital T.  I was always very clear that I wanted information that was good for me and that was in my best interest. When I discovered that there was no fear and no judgment in this process, I was not reluctant. I was very open to what I would receive. Then each time I heard the answers it felt very clear to me that ‘this was the information I’ve been looking for.’

You can get answers too, through the Akashic Records as I do, or through things like Yoga, meditation or Tarot.  There is an infinite number of ways that you can start to connect with your own knowing. The important part is to just start doing it! Start connecting by simply listening to yourself. Ask the question. Then listen for the answer. Once again, it doesn’t matter what way you do it, just find a way that you can do consistently.  Do it often enough so you can recognize that it is working. Whatever practice it is that allows you to get to that place, do more of that.

It’s  really about just taking time to sit. I know a lot of the people who follow me are young moms with children, people with full-time jobs and just people with a lot to do.  They find it hard to carve out that little bit of time to practice listening for themselves.  But sitting and listening and getting your own information is one of the most useful skills that you can put in your toolbox. The more you practice this, the more you can implement what you hear in your own life. And as you do this, you will see that things will come to you faster. You will manifest more because you will be in total alignment with what is next for you.

To get started, I really want to urge you to take just 10 minutes a day. Do whatever it is for you that helps you to connect. If you aren’t sure how to connect and you are looking for a suggestion, consider taking a journal and writing in it for ten minutes each morning. I journal right when I wake up. I just get up, grab a glass of water and I sit down. I either ask a question, right away or I spend a few minutes thinking about whatever is on my mind.  Let’s say I have a dilemma that I’m trying to figure out. I ask myself a question as if I were talking to a friend sitting next to me. For example, I’m trying to decide whether I should create this or do that, or move to this new location or stay. I start sketching or writing and as I do, I suddenly start to unwind. If you do the same, you’ll see. The answers will start to come to you and if you’re journalling you’ll find yourself actually writing the answer.  If you are meditating you’ll find the answers start to come in your mind.

That’s really as easy as it gets! Choose something and then try connecting to your own knowing. Reach out to me if you want to try connecting to your own information by reading your Akashic Records. Whatever you choose, remember our essence really wants us to connect, listen and hear what it is saying.  Start putting this into practice and you’ll find that you feel happier and more peaceful!