Feelings and emotions, fear and pain can all have roots in a previous life. I know that there are a lot of people who do not know if they believe in reincarnation but just try rolling with it. You don’t have to believe what I believe or even believe in reincarnation. I’m just throwing out some ideas about some experiences that I have had for you to take into consideration. It just may be that what I have to share might stimulate something in you in a way that works best for you.

Have you ever …..

-found yourself being unreasonably reactive when somebody said something to you?

-become intensely angry immediately?

-had words just pop out of your mouth even before you’ve had a chance to think about them?

-been amazed at how strong a reaction you’ve had to something?

-not understood why you have a long-standing fear of something?

-tried to get rid of a long-standing pain but couldn’t?




I’ve been getting a lot of information on this for myself regarding things that have been going on with me. Things that I look at and say to myself  “Where did that come from and why is that an issue for me?”

Sometimes the way we react to certain situations just doesn’t make any sense.  Sometimes somewhere in our brains, we’re thinking where in the world did that come from? Why do we feel angry, jealous, annoyed, etc? Well, it just might be something rooted in your personal soul memory bank.

When you pass every experience that you’ve had, everything that you have said, done, thought, experienced and had any emotion about, since the beginning of time, has been recorded into your soul personality memory bank.

Its similar to the iCloud where you store files of information. Our personal soul memory bank contains information about ALL of our experiences and when we come back into a body that information gets downloaded into it too.

The twist is that we are not consciously aware of all of those memories. However, it’s all available to us when we seek it. What really fascinating is that these past experiences could hold the answers to WHY we have reactions to and issues that we otherwise could not explain.

Here’s what I experienced…. This Saturday morning my dog woke me up way too early at 5 or 5:30 AM. I don’t remember the exact time but I do remember that I was ticked off. I was up for about 10 minutes and I started feeling really angry at a friend of mine whom I had just spent the weekend. I really didn’t understand why I was angry because we had just seen each other the night before. We gave each other a hug and a kiss goodbye and we talked about how much we appreciated one another. There was absolutely nothing outstanding, nothing that I should be angry about, nothing left over.  I was just really ticked.

I decided to sit down and take a minute to explore why I was so angry at someone when it made NO sense whatsoever.  Now because I read the Akashic Records (and by the way you can do it too), I have the advantage of being able to easily pop back into past lives. When I did this, I recognized very quickly that the anger I was feeling was rooted in a previous lifetime.

The story is that I had been a man and my friend had been a woman. I had to leave town and I had asked her to lay low, make herself invisible while I was gone. This was a time period where emotions were very volatile and everybody was on high alert. There was not much room to make a mistake. I made her promise to not do anything to draw attention to herself.  When I came back into town I discovered that not only had she has not laid low, or kept quiet but she, in fact, had been raped and murdered. I was livid with no one to blame but myself for not staying in town.

From this, I could see that the unreasonable anger that I had towards my friend in this lifetime had everything to do with some piece that was unresolved in a previous lifetime. Because I could see this, I now knew that the anger I felt today was not something that I needed to act on. Instead of shooting off an angry text I knew these emotions left over from this past life was something that I could move out and shift. I could rearrange those emotions and I started by understanding that what she did was the exact way that she was supposed to behave in that lifetime. It had nothing to do with me. I was not responsible. It was not my fault. It’s not that I  shouldn’t have left town, etc. etc.


if you’re the person who stands out and is different then the rest of your family it may be possible because of the information and the experiences that you have had in previous lifetimes. You may have come into this lifetime with the intention of being in afamily where you did not look, act or think like everybody else. Specifically, because you wanted to have the kind of experience to see what is it like to be different. What is it like to show up in a very unique way where can you stand on your own. You can be who you are meant to be without feeling like you have to try to fit in. or make myself be like everybody else.

Sometimes there are very specific reasons why we come into a lifetime to be very different and sometimes there are very specific reasons that we come into a lifetime to be very alike everyone else. It’s all just fun and interesting when you want to take a look at it like that.

Everything that has ever happened to us since the beginning of our soul is recorded in our personal memory bank. It is within us and as a consequence, sometimes those experiences play out in our present lives.

That same day I had another experience, this time with a relative.  I was in a text conversation with a number of my cousins and I sent a message saying I thought it would be nice  If we could all get together. One person said that it was a great idea. Within five minutes, though, I had another cousin on the phone with me saying what are you talking about?  Why in the world would you think that was a good idea? 

As he was talking I was very clear that his anger had absolutely nothing to do with me. It didn’t have anything to do with the text I had sent. It didn’t have anything to do with anything that I had done ever. What it did have to do with was the fact that he was ticked with his brother in his current life. As soon as he started talking I could see that this was old anger leftover. I didn’t have to take it personally. I didn’t have to jump in and get angry and defend myself. I didn’t have to fix him. I was just really clear that he was blowing off some steam from what had happened in a previous lifetime.

This piece of resolving old anger, frustration and sadness can show up in any way possible. It is just one more reason why we really want to learn some kind of technique to be able to move this old stuff out.  This further explains the Law of Reflection – everything we see out there is a reflection of something that is going on inside of us.

If I see somebody that has unexplainable feelings I not only look to see the connection to a previous lifetime, I heal it. The healing part is Alchemy and it’s like magic.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all did this? We could cure the world by going back and figuring out the root of problems, shifting it, changing the energy and watch that change moving forward.

I did the work for my cousin. As is standard practice, I checked in with his essence first to make sure it was okay. The story there was that they were brothers in a previous lifetime. One was ticked with the other for going off to war and leaving the other one behind and then dying in that war.  Knowing this, I went back into that lifetime, did the healing work around that particular time period and put back in the truth.  That is that the older brother had to go to war. He didn’t have a choice and he didn’t have a choice as to whether he was going to live or die. That was something that was predetermined. I shifted out the anger and frustration so they could start to heal.




This shows up everywhere even with medical issues. I did a reading with someone who had severe chronic foot pain and it was quite fascinating.   This woman knew that there were roots elsewhere and she figured she would just give an Akashic Healing with me a try. When I went back and looked at it the reference I got was the movie Slum Dog Millionaire. As it turned out she had a life where she was a young boy who had a club foot and was forced to be a beggar in the streets in order to be able to able to afford anything.  In that life, she suffered not only from having the club foot but from abuse and inability to change her status. She was not able to move up in the world, make a difference, nor able to do anything to help her family.

(I did a talk about pain and if you are interested to learn more here is the link.)

So many of those same kinds of situations were present in her current life. As soon as I started talking to her about this past lifetime, she resonated with it and started to tear up. It just made total sense to her.  This kind of experience is one way that people start to believe that they have in fact had past lives.

Gaining this awareness is the result of being really connected to your own information. Another experience is when I get the chills or get very emotional. I understand that this is my bodies way of saying “Hello …. you got it right!”

Now the question is were we able to relieve her of her foot pain altogether? By shifting the energy we moved a little bit of the pain out of the way. One session with me is not going to make a huge difference but more energetic work will help to resolve it.  It’s really about gaining the clarity, the understanding, the wisdom, the compassion for ourselves.  We really do have this pain. We haven’t lost our mind. There really is another root cause other than well one day I banged my foot and caused the whole thing.

Sometimes we don’t get the answers that we want from medicine. There is another answer and it does find its root in another lifetime.



This kind of work helps with long-term extreme feelings like phobias. In another healing session, I did a reading for someone that was terrified of small spaces. I know a number of people that have some degree of claustrophobia. People that don’t like to be in elevators, or who are concerned about being caught in some sort of small space.  This particular person was really terrified to the point that it was life-altering. It was not just small spaces but dark spaces too.  It makes sense that we have fears of the dark when we are young children but we usually move out of that when we get older. However, this 52-year-old woman had not moved out of that and she was really ready to be done with this issue.

We went in and took a look at it and what we discovered is that she had at least 3 lifetimes where she had been buried alive. One was done on purpose as part of a way of punishing her for being a healer and for doing things that society said she wasn’t supposed to do. So they buried her alive. Another time she was buried by accident and I cannot remember the third. 

It’s striking to have three different experiences to be desperately wondering how in the world you are going to get out of the situation and you simply cannot. It was interesting to see her visibly shift and change. As a result, she became a lot calmer about getting into airplanes and smaller spaces. She is not totally cured but was definitely helpful for her to see where this issue stemmed from.

If you are someone that is afraid of something that you don’t understand, perhaps a certain animal or a dog, or certain kinds of people or whatever, it may be that you have had an issue with it in a previous lifetime. When you tap into these past lives and understand what is blocking you, awareness alone can start you on the path resolving your issue. Then as you go deeper into your healing work, you will begin to feel unburdened and free.