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We Are Tiny Balls of Light


We know ourselves as having a body and a mind and we call ourselves human. In reality, however, we are little tiny balls of light, souls, having an incarnation on the planet Earth. When we remember that it's easier to go through life.  It helps be more of who we are MEANT to be and

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Suicide, Death & Love


Suicide has been in the headlines recently as two famous people with names that many recognize, took their own lives.  My brother Bill also committed suicide 14 years ago. So this is an opportune time to talk about this subject and death in general. I also had to include love because it is very much

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Divine Timing & Divine Perfection


Do you believe that you have ever made a mistake in your life? You might be wondering why I am asking because you are most likely thinking to yourself  “Of course I have made mistakes. No one is perfect.”  That makes total sense OR is it just what we were taught to think?  Well today,

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What Is Spiritual Healing And Why Should You Care?


Have you noticed that so many people call themselves healers? But what exactly does healing mean and how can it help you lead a happier life?  I use the buzz word healing quite often because it is what I do with Akashic Alchemy. However, there are a lot of other ways that you can do

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Our Soul Has The Answers


Who doesn't want to know for sure what they are supposed to be doing next?  If you are like most people, knowing your path would put you at great ease. One thing that can help is to access your Akashic Records, which are a vibrational recording of everything that has ever been said, done or

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Transition to Love


Please be clear. What is happening on the planet, in our country, is not the fault or work of anyone one person or group of people. What is happening in our world it's divinely timed and happening exactly as it is meant to. It is not because Donald Trump is president, or because we have

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Using Wormholes to Heal


Earlier this week, Lily and I were on the Enlightened Humanity Circle call about how to be grateful for the chaos in our lives.  During the call, Lily's guides instructed her to open up a wormhole and connect to the wisdom being received for everyone on the call. Of course, Lily did as they asked even though

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