Author, Speaker, Healer … what do I call myself? Yes, I’ve written a book. Yes, I speak to groups of people about what’s happening on the planet in terms of spirituality and healing. Yes, I heal using alchemy to heal what I see there. But there is so much more going on.

I also call myself a translator, helping people understand what their own essence/soul and healing team wants them to know. That is, until I can teach them to connect with their own Divine Wisdom which makes me a teacher.

I am also the Co-Founder and Co-Creator of the 8th Chakra Company. Together with my business partner, Lily Winsaft, we explored how to “Master What It Means To Be Human.” We hosted a Tuesday Night Call where we encourage discussions on every topic under the sun from a spiritual perspective. The frequency of food or our words, divorce, sexuality, finding purpose, choosing a career, growing old have all been discussed, and these recordings can be found on YouTube and SoundCloud. In addition to great spiritual information, these calls included high frequency healing.

As an author, I wrote “The Health & Happiness Guide to the Universal Laws: What You Most Want to Know” to help more people understand the laws that are in play. While it was more than 25 years ago I wrote down a goal of writing a book, I had no idea what the topic would be.

Through the years, as I was raising my children, I would occasionally think about the goal of writing a book. I considered a children’s book, a guide to raising children, and a romance novel, depending on the stage of life I was going through. It turns out that my first book was none of those.

The truth is stranger than fiction. While I was having lunch with a friend the conversation turned towards what I would write about IF I was going to write a book. I understood it had something to do with detailing a list and off-handedly I said maybe it would be about the Universal Laws. She looked at me, and said, “That’s it. Do that.”

It took a few weeks for me to come into my own knowing, and begin to formulate what the book would look like. From there I had the book written and published in 4 months. It was easy because it was meant to be.

Now I am having a blast helping loads of people learn to hear their soul as well as explaining what is happening during this incredible time period called the Second Wave, the Ascension, Awakening or the spiritual revolution.

Because of my clear knowing and my ability to access my higher chakra information, I see old patterns, reveals resentments, fears and resistance for the story they are, and translate these issues with grace and humor. I have the ability to take the most complex of spiritual wisdom and put it into common, relatable analogies. I do this in private readings, book clubs and online classes. I am clear about my connection to Source, and I want others to know there is nothing special about me; this connection is available to all who ask. I know I am here to teach people about their souls, alchemy and how to access their own information.