What is healing?  Here is an explanation of what healing means in the 21st century as described by my guides.

The world is totally different than most of you think, and until you release the old paradigm you cannot truly heal.  For thousands of years, humans had little connection or understanding about how to heal.

For you, it was cause and effect, and not much more.  When your arm was sliced open by an animal or a weapon and it was bleeding, you knew to apply pressure to stop it.  Once the bleeding stopped, the cut went through a process to heal although there was no understanding of how that happened.  In time, more information became available and certain people began to know more. Keep in mind that the concept of germs and what happens inside the body to fight infections is a relatively new awareness for us – just 300 or 400 years.

Now let’s look at disease.  The brief history of disease would be the age of having no understanding about the body to thinking it was a god that was punishing you to believing that the devil had your soul to eventually an understanding of germs and genes.  At the present time, most people know that germs and genetics have something to do with illness.

In the world of medicine, you have moved from plants to lab-created pills to an understanding of cellular function, genes and DNA.  This is a wonderful place where knowledge is constantly expanding, and the edge of thought around health and wellness is being recreated by many people. This is the edge of creation in the medical field but it is not the edge of thought in healing.

Healing is the recognition and removal of foreign energy that is harmful to the body. It is the knowing that disease starts with a thought that is incongruent in the body.  Let’s use the thought that life is not sweet to understand how thoughts alter the body.

As a young teen, you spent years watching your parents fight. Each argument triggered another thought for you.  Marriage sucks, you are the reason they argue, women are bitches, men can’t be trusted, life isn’t good.

Each one of your thoughts have an effect on you. They must because thoughts are energy, and energy effects show up in body.  So says the Law of Vibration and Energy.

Time goes by and the body continues to respond to your thoughts. It has to. That’s how it is designed. On an energy level, you are storing every fear, judgment, and resistant thought in your body.  Those thoughts are processed just like food. The digested stuff helps us grow and be healthy, and the undigested stuff gets stored or stuck in the body. In the case of “life isn’t sweet” it most often is stored in the pancreas.

The pancreas processes as much as it can and then it gets blocked. If the fear, judgment and resistant thoughts stop, the pancreas can heal. If the thoughts don’t stop, the pancreas slows in it’s work, then eventually stops. When it slows, your doctor warns you to change your diet, watch your sugar consumption, exercise more. When your pancreas stops working, you are diagnosed as a diabetic.

Yes, you want to watch what you eat and exercise more.  That doesn’t change. Your body is a sacred space, and you want to treat it as such.  Take care of it, and watch your thoughts.  Notice your thoughts, question your thinking, and be willing to change.  This is as important as the physical aspects.

We want you to remember how to heal your diseases, understand how they are created, and be willing to ask why did I create this?

The Akashic Records are one way to learn how to connect with this remembering, this knowing. It is how Bonnie learned but there are thousands of ways. Find one and begin to listen. Your body knows the story and it’s happy to tell you once you are speaking the same language.  Get your translation book, learn the language your body speaks and start healing.

We love you.