Whether you have found me through a search engine, a friend, or met me on the street, I am sure that it is divinely timed and divinely perfect in its happening. There is something you are looking to know, and your essence has directed you to me. I love the synchronicities!

I also love the concepts of divine timing and divine perfection – they are Universal Laws and I’ve written a book about them. Divine timing is everything happens exactly when it’s supposed to happen and not a minute before. You aren’t too late, too old, too young … we all think it and none of it is true.

You are also divinely perfect as is the situation you find yourself in. It doesn’t matter which event we are talking about – an argument, celebration, divorce, illness – it’s all unfolding exactly as it was planned prior to your incarnation here. Whether it makes sense or not.

Which is probably the reason you are here on my website. You’re looking for more access to your own information … for healing around pain, fear, shame, anxiety or something you don’t understand … to discover a past life connection to what’s happening now.

I can help. I started connecting with my own information by reading the Akashic Records.  It was like training wheels for learning to listen to my soul.  Once I became a master alchemist, I began seeing, feeling and hearing energy and most importantly I began accessing my own 12th chakra information, and making connections to past lives. In a one-on-one session, I aspeak in clear, simple language and make it a point to leave you happier, more connected and aware than when we met.

So, take your time to look around. There are events, classes and programs to explore, 30-minute videos to watch, and links to social media to engage with. Click on the link to receive your FREE CHAPTER of my book.

While you’re here, I also encourage you to nose around the videos, blogs and links to the 8th Chakra Company as well as my own. That’s the company I co-founded with another powerful healer, Lily Winsaft. There are opportunities to learn there as well.


Think Different, Expand Your World

You Are Not What Has Happened To You

You are not what has happened to you.  The divorce, failing out of school, addiction, rape, or health issue you were diagnosed with doesn't define you.

What People Are Saying About Bonnie Sax

“Bonnie’s reading seemed to touch me on many different levels. She emphasized more than once the need for me to be truthful and authentic about my dreams and desires as well as my emotions. She and my guides also shone a light on a tendency I have to push through tasks, even when nothing productive is happening and it’s obviously time to stop and let it go for a while. The most powerful thought from this session I received was to keep walking down the road of my dreams and desires, and enjoy the vista. My job is not to worry about how things are going to get taken care of. My job is to enjoy the trip. “Do the thing that is fun and the details will fill in.”

“Bonnie was compassionate and insightful in our session. She really helped me to understand where I come from and why I carry a certain set of patterns into this world. Her wisdom helped me to really be able to understand more of why I struggle in certain areas and see how these patterns are connected to struggles of other life times. After hearing her insights things seemed to make sense and integrate in a healing way. Bonnie has a keen sense of intuition and is very easy to connect to.”
“Bonnie sax brings a unique blend of her own depth of understanding and the contribution of her masters, teachers, and loved ones in the Akashic records. She has made a subject that I once thought to be incomprehensible clear and easy to understand. You will find yourself saying, of course, that would work, why didn’t I know this before, and yes, now I get it!”